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Company profile

Our company provides professional catering services and event design and production from vision to completion. We have many years of experience in event production. We familiarize ourselves with the needs and desires of our clients, both private individuals and public businesses. Our company makes weddings nightly, in halls we regularly use and in halls to which we are invited/guest halls.

We create all types of affairs, including Shabbatot Chatan / weekend wedding celebrations, engagement weekend events, and Bar-Mitzva Shabbatot.

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The winning combination of meticulous attention to detail, professionalism in ensuring the perfect outcome, and attractive prices provides the perfect package for our clients.

The Premium department, called Culinar, was created to offer a solution to boutique events, impeccably crafted for each client, specifically produced for the ambience of the venue, and perfectly in-tune with the client's particular requirements and requests.

An experienced and courteous staff are devoted to you every step of the way, when choosing the place, designing the hall, preparing the food, and waiting on your guests.

Culinar. A name to remember.

See you at your next event!